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Scale your workforce instantly without any overhead

You can increase or your decrease your developer resources just by assigning and unassigning tasks in codeline. You do not need to make any contract or make any commitment or long meetings, skype chats, negotiations. 

This way you will be working on most efficient solution. You do not need to worry about fixed costs for developers even if you cant fill them with work. Or when you received extra work you can use from codelines all fullstack fulltime senior developer pool.

Either its a software consulting task or a complex software development project, codeline lead developers will be glad to deliver.


Extensive range of tech stack

In Codeline, you can find a developer from all tech stacks. This is useful because, you can now accept projects from various techs, which will increase your revenue and sales volume.

Either it is Desktop, Web or Mobile application development, you can entrust your software development projects to codeline developers

Codeline also provides designers

Never miss deadlines
and budget anymore

Work with estimates

In Codeline, every task gets estimated before starting. We do this to reveal the total workload in system so we can manage our capacity.

You can also set a task to wait until you approve estimate before start. This is specially usefull if client asks you a how much it costs before starting the task.

You can simple set task to estimate required mode and when its estimated, confirm with client and if approved by client, you can mark it approved in codeline and task will be delivered.

Total priority management with Task Queue

Most of the tasks in our business are “Urgent”. All clients wants to get their work done as soon as possible. 

We developed Task Queue Manager to give you complete control over the priority of the resources.

With this unique tool, you can see the workload, delivery dates, priorities and manage them with single clicks and you will not miss any deadline.

Grow your agency with
constant quality deliveries

I very much enjoyed working with Codeline and the team - they have an excellent grasp of their subject, and have created something great for us.

Nigel Cannings

Intelligent Voice

These guys are THE BEST. Can't recommend highly enough. Thanks!

Zack Lieberman

Max & Charlie

Absolutely fantastic service provided by Codeline and team . The code was at the highest standard for such an awkward project and the support was always there when needed.

Daniel Treyvaud

Trey Bro

Codeline and the team were awesome at every step of the way. They not only delivered on the requirements of the project but were also able to help me problem solve and build an even greater product, this was important as its my first time developing a website and iOS app. Highly recommended.

Jonathan McNamara


Amazing work. They did everything I required and extra. Thank you very much. Will work again!

David Alssema

Instant Rank

These guys are fantastic. They understood the design idea's very well and delivered the finished work to an incredibly high standard. We have hired them again and will do again in the future.

Paul Quinn


The guys at Codeline are highly competent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a serious delivery partner.

Matt Glover

Spark Eleven

Codeline helped fill in gaps to my team when we needed support fast for a big development project. Giray, was happy to make our project a priority and help us finish the project on time! Would recommend them to anyone.

Dean DeCarlo


Your responsive, reliable and
talented outsourcing company

100% full-time employees

We are not commission agents or middleman. We are a software development company with thousands of projects delivered with satisfaction. 

We are aware of problems employers are facing. Unreliable, disappearing employees, frequent job changes, low motivation and unquality deliveries. 

The developers in codeline platform are the actual full-time employees who are working on real projects in our development platform.


All tested, trained and managed

All codeline developers must first pass a coding test on Framework, CMS and Frontend skills. Then we supervise them for 2 months in regards to code quality, responsibility and communication standards. 

This way, we filter out tens of thousands of applications and handpick only the top developers to work at Codeline.

A few sample from projects
developed in codeline

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