Blockchain Plugins for WordPress Enthusiasts

3 Powerful Plugins for WordPress Blockchain Enthusiasts

Are you a WordPress user who wants to be among the first in your niche to integrate blockchain technology into your site? Do you want to build a reputation as a thought leader and early adopter within your blog’s sector? There are a growing number of blockchain plugins for WordPress you can consider incorporating into your website or blog. Check out the following roundup of WordPress blockchain plugins to see which ones make sense or your site.

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WP Blockchain

Available from Good Rebels, the WP Blockchain plugin lets you instantly add time-stamps to your WordPress posts for integration into the Bitcoin blockchain. This plugin works with WordPress 4.9.4 sites and can help content creators prove ownership of their content if unscrupulous individuals stole or scape their blog posts.



If you want to publish your blog posts on your WordPress site as well as on the Steem blockchain, consider adding the SteemPress plugin to your website or blog. Steem also rewards the bloggers with Steem cryptocurrency if they publish their content on Steem blockchain and their posts become popular with Steemit ( users. WordPress users will need version 4.9.4 for this plugin to work.



If you are a WordPress blogger who wants to add a paywall to your website, consider adding the SatoshiPay plugin to your site. This handy add-on lets you accept cryptocurrency micro-payments for specific components of your blog, like your images, e-book downloads, or video content. This WordPress plugin works with version 4.9.4.


In conclusion, paying attention to the growing number of blockchain-enabled WordPress plugins is an excellent way to stay ahead of others in your market niche. The sooner you learn about the latest WordPress blockchain tools, the sooner you can become one of the first to add them to your website or blog. When thought, leadership is often determined by who is the first to share new tips and tools with their audience as well as staying up-to-date on recent blockchain plugins for WordPress makes good sense.

As the above WordPress plugins show, blockchain technology is hotter than ever. Everyone from Amazon to Huawei is integrating blockchain technology into their long-term business plans. If you too are interested in blockchain for your business or WordPress website/blog then connect with our Codeline team to discuss hiring blockchain developer for your company.

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