Our Recruitment Process


Publish Job Ads

We publish job ads to big networks like Stack Overflow, LinkedIn and local networks per country like Kariyer.Net, Dev.by. They reach our applications page


We Receive Talented Resumes

We receive a lot of application, somedays we receive one request per minute 


HR Manager Reviews Applications

In Codeline we have an application management module. An HR manager checks the profiles and decides which ones can go to test 


Test Projects

Each candidate is tested for the stack they applied. They receive three tasks to measure their Frontend, Framework and CMS skills.

They have three days to finish the test, or they are automatically eliminated


Ready for Evaluation

When they finish the tests, they add us to the Git repo they created for each task.

Most of the developers can’t finish the tasks, and they are automatically failed. We are pretty selective since we are looking for a perfect match on communication, coding and professionalism we eliminate most of the candidates for all errors, even it is small.

Eventually, on average we hire one person out of 10.000 application 


Approved as Candidate

When they are approved as a candidate, they become a developer. 

In Codeline, all staff that is coding are the project managers, if a user is a developer, then he/she needs to be moderated until he/she can be a pm or he/she will be eliminated. 

With our moderation system, new developers are tested in real projects without being able to send communication or code without moderation, so clients never get amateur delivery of a commit or response 


2 Months Moderation

For two months, all of their comments and commits are reviewed and approved by an established Codeline project manager.

After two months, if they are succeeded and have proved their problem-solving skills, code quality, responsibility, and communication skills, their orientation will be over, and they can become a Codeline developer 

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