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The most responsive, scalable, and cost-effective way of managing and developing IT projects

With the exponential growth of online businesses worldwide, the demand for software development resources became higher than ever. While traditional outsourcing flows such as fixed price deals, contracts, email communications, skype calls may be enough to deliver successful small projects, outsourcing many technical projects from different stacks requires a responsive, reliable and talented team that uses best practices and tools. 

This is where Codeline can help. We offer the most responsive, scalable and cost-effective way of managing and developing IT projects that lets you constantly deliver high-quality projects to your clients without dealing with the development process.

Learn more about the Benefits of Outsourcing with Codeline

Benefits of Outsourcing with Codeline


At Codeline, we know that reliability is the key in the development business.

Do not miss deadlines and budget, know when exactly your tasks will be delivered. All tasks added to Codeline are estimated before starting which reveals the total required time & budget project needs to be completed.

With a clear overview of project workload, focus on important features, postpone uncritical tasks.


Scale up & down your developer resources in minutes as your requirements change. With Codeline’s unique Task Queue Manager, you can prioritize and order your tasks, assign new developers, have full control over delivery dates.

This ability to scale on demand can improve delivery capability and operational flexibility letting you balance work and resource amounts without any overhead.


You no longer need to wait for weeks-to-months to find right developers, set up contracts, negotiate prices, communicate tasks and priorities. With Codeline, It takes a few minutes to get an experienced developer started on your project.

Codeline clients do not only save by paying fair rates to competent developers but they also save on their time with an efficient workflow.


High quality work makes you irreplaceable for your clients. Codeline developers are selected among tens of thousands of candidates. They are trained and managed.  You can deliver Codeline responses to your clients with peace of mind.

You can focus on marketing efforts and grow your business, while your tasks are getting done.


It is critical to be able to meet clients requirements without being limited with specific stack range. Having access to Codeline developers also means to be able to accept projects from  200+ most popular and most used tech stack around the market.

From Designers to Html Coders, PHP Experts to Mobile Application Developers, Codeline team is ready to go on-demand, at your fingertips.


Codeline is 100% white-label service. An NDA is signed with all clients, making sure you are the only one taking credit for your projects. It is your own team, working in the background, delivering high-quality results. 

Your project’s sensitive information is secured with access levels and automatic password management processes.

by Zack
Jul 24, 2019
Great team, great service
Great team, great leadership -- always appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile. Highly recommend!
by Alex
Mar 28, 2019
Excellent team
Excellent team. I was really impressed how easy it was to engage external team and deliver project on time!
by Diane Edwards
Feb 1, 2019
A great team who I highly recommend
A great team who I highly recommend. I engaged them for a couple of small jobs to quickly fix some issues and test them out. Their professionalism, efficiency and high delivery quality meant I happily increased the volume of work and will continue to do so. Their project management software is so easy to use and you know exactly where each job is and what the guys are working on. Love it.
by Bervan Altun
Jan 27, 2019
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Cannot get over how professional and highly skilled the Codeline team are.

It is now day 3 of my app project and i must say i am super impressed, i am kept up to date with everything that goes on, also a member of the team is always on hand to answer any questions i have.

This is definitely the first of many projects that i have planned for the codeline team.
by Claus Jepsen
Jan 27, 2019
Fast and reliable
Fast and reliable
by Jeff Lindsay
Jan 26, 2019
Solid competence that saved the day for…
Solid competence that saved the day for me. Great experience that helped me, as a newbie, face some of realities of a complex project and end up being pleasantly surprised with the work. Look forward to bringing more projects to this outstanding team. They worked hard, were honest with me, and got the job done.
by Aksh Bhakti
Jan 26, 2019
Great group of guys to work with
Great group of guys to work with. Very honest and professional!
by Rick
Jan 25, 2019
great to work with
great to work with, very helpful , clear communication highly recommend
by Sandra
Oct 26, 2019
Very professional
Had a wonderful experience with Codeline team. It was a pleasure of working with Ilter and Ashish on our website project. They designed a site I am proud of.
by James
Oct 23, 2019
Worked with Codeline.io on two projects…
Worked with Codeline.io on two projects so far, I can say it's such a smooth experience. I just added detailed descriptions of the tasks and the devs did all the heavy lifting for me. They finished the project within the budget and timeline I was aiming for. Definitely will hire again.
by Charles
Oct 23, 2019
It was a pleasure working with Codeline…
It was a pleasure working with Codeline Team. Their team is very knowledgeable about the web, programming and design. The staff is extremely friendly and organized, and made sure my WordPress website came out exactly how I wanted it.
by Roger
Oct 22, 2019
Codeline is Highly Recommended
I have hired codeline devs for a number of projects. Performance and knowledge are 5/5 and each project has been handled extremely well.

Highly recommended!

Roger Hall
by Matt
Oct 21, 2019
The guys at Codeline are highly…
The guys at Codeline are highly competent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a serious delivery partner.
by Dean
Oct 20, 2019
Codeline helped fill in gaps to my team…
Codeline helped fill in gaps to my team when we needed support fast for a big development project. Giray, was happy to make our project a priority and help us finish the project on time! Would recommend them to anyone.
by Akif
Oct 20, 2019
good work
good work thank you
by Cris
Oct 23, 2019
The model is an interesting one and…
The model is an interesting one and other than having to overlay your own organizational structure, the service is responsive and easy to use.
by Paul
Aug 30, 2019
Excellent service
Excellent service, reliable and extremely knowledgeable.

How does it work?

Check out these 5 steps that will make an experienced developer started on your project in less than 30min.

Instantly access to Codeline Project & Task Management App.

You will also be invited to Codeline team Slack and Gitlab.

Add your projects and tasks (5 min)

Describe your project and requirements.

Get an estimate for your project (15 min)

An experienced Codeline Project Manager will review your project and give an estimate for task completion.

Add funds to your project (3 min)

Subtasks & Info Tasks are Created and Development Started (10 min)

A project manager will split your project into small tasks.

Grow your company,

Make your life easier with Codeline

All tools required for successful projects

View Taskqueue, Manage Priorities

Get Notified on all updates, deliver results to your clients

View Timer records & finances

Review the code in Gitlab

More than a thousand projects delivered

I very much enjoyed working with Codeline and the team - they have an excellent grasp of their subject, and have created something great for us.

Nigel Cannings

Intelligent Voice

These guys are THE BEST. Can't recommend highly enough. Thanks!

Zack Lieberman

Max & Charlie

Absolutely fantastic service provided by Codeline and team . The code was at the highest standard for such an awkward project and the support was always there when needed.

Daniel Treyvaud

Trey Bro

Codeline and the team were awesome at every step of the way. They not only delivered on the requirements of the project but were also able to help me problem solve and build an even greater product, this was important as its my first time developing a website and iOS app. Highly recommended.

Jonathan McNamara


Amazing work. They did everything I required and extra. Thank you very much. Will work again!

David Alssema

Instant Rank

These guys are fantastic. They understood the design idea's very well and delivered the finished work to an incredibly high standard. We have hired them again and will do again in the future.

Paul Quinn


The guys at Codeline are highly competent. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a serious delivery partner.

Matt Glover

Spark Eleven

Codeline helped fill in gaps to my team when we needed support fast for a big development project. Giray, was happy to make our project a priority and help us finish the project on time! Would recommend them to anyone.

Dean DeCarlo


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Frequently asked questions

What skills do the team have?

The team has high experience in more than 200+ most popular and most used tech stack around the market. View our tech stack page to see available skills.

What hours do you work? Do you have a representative in my time zone?

Codeline developers are from different locations around the world, this lets us be online 7/24 in weekdays. Except for emergency tasks, we do not work on weekends. 

Are the team proficient in English?

Yes, one of the most important skills we look for when hiring is advanced English, both writing and talking. Learn more about our recruitment process.

How does pricing work?

Codeline offers you a pay-as-you-go approach for pricing for cloud development services.  With Codeline you pay only for the developers you need, for as long as you use them, and without requiring long-term contracts or negotiations.  View our pricing page for rates and more details.

Do you sign confidentiality agreements?

Yes. We sign NDA with all users signed up to Codeline. Codeline is a white-label service and your clients will not know about us.

How is communication managed?

Even though our Project and Task manager application keep the chat communication at the minimum, all Codeline clients are invited to our Slack team channel for direct communication with developers.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about pricing, Contact Us

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Why outsourcing is a better alternative?

The moment you decide to build a digital product, development becomes part of the process. You have some apparent options; work with freelancers, hire developers as your employees or make a contract with a company to deliver you the product. We will explain why Codeline is neither of these, but let’s discuss freelancing and hiring first. 

The freelancers

When you outsource your work to a freelancer, you are bringing someone with a fundamentally different motivation than yours onboard. The freelancer’s primary motivations are: gaining the contract and then delivering the minimum passable amount of work to get paid. Can you spot what’s missing? He has no motivation to care about code quality, maintainability and technical sustainability of your project. After all, once you approve his work, he can take his hat and move on to chase the next client.

Couldn’t this be avoided by hiring only top rated clients? Well, you would be shocked to know how many of the 5-star reviews on freelancer profiles are there because the client was kind, forced or the freelancer offered a discount in return. 

Unless you hire an additional project/product manager to scrutinize the quality of output, then you might end up paying for software that’s developed with questionable coding practices, inviting all kinds of bugs and security holes into the picture. Now we don’t claim that all freelancers are evil or incompetent. However, your chances of finding the great freelancer without a professional hiring process that can run through hundreds of candidates to find the best match are next to none. 

Building your own team

What about an onsite development team? It could be great if you get a highly productive team of developers, right at your office. You could pass them some tasks and get the results you need. If something goes wrong, you can always hold meetings and talk to them face to face. So far everything sounds good. Let’s explore the downsides of this approach, too. 

Who is going to interview your applicants? Can your HR ask highly technical questions and discuss object-oriented programming with your potential developers? What’s more, by law you need to pay social security tax and employment tax on top of having to finance annual leaves and other legal obligations. How effectively will this brand new developer or development team work and will this commitment be worth the burden on your payroll? Oh and let’s not forget the motivation problem still exists. 

You or a manager you hire will have to make sure the developers are producing code that can live up to industry standards, the code they write is maintainable and safe to be used in production. If anything, this is even costlier than the freelancer path, with seemingly no other advantage than having the developers on site, where you can interact with them face to face. 

How is Codeline different?

It seems that hiring developers is a costly endeavor that will also require an additional manager to oversee the work, scrutinize quality and make sure the product people can convey their ideas to the development team seamlessly. On the other hand, if you are not a technical person, hiring a freelancer is like joining the lottery, where most of the time you end up losing your money and time. Then, what is the solution?

We began by pointing out that Codeline is neither your onsite development team nor is it a yet another freelancing site. Codeline solves the problem we discussed in detail above, by giving you access to a managed development task force. We have hand-picked project managers and senior software developers, who have proven themselves to us. All you need to do is use our embedded project management tool, divide your project into tasks precisely as you would when you create a simple to-do list. Let us do the rest of the work and fill in the gaps. You will be involved as much as you want and need to be. Handoff your requirements and let our competent team build the software you need and deliver it to you through our quality assurance pipeline. Let Codeline focus on development so that you can entirely focus on your product. 

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