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Codeline is a new generation software development tool and service that eliminates the hassle of software development through a unique task and project management tool that we built for maximum efficiency. 

After 15 years of freelancing career which includes dealing with tons of clients, many employees and using all available tools in the market to try to balance the resources and workload, it was impossible to grow the company, we were ending up in the same loop, trying to balance resources and workload. 

While looking for a product idea to get out of the tiring development service business, we noticed that actual product is software development, just needed to fix it. 

Development is a dirty business

The moment you decide to build a digital product, development becomes part of the process. You have some apparent options; work with freelancers, hire developers as your employees or make a contract with a company to deliver you the product. We will explain why Codeline is neither of these, but let’s discuss freelancing, hiring and making a contract first. 

The Freelancer illusion

When you outsource your work to a freelancer, you are bringing someone with a fundamentally different motivation than yours onboard. The freelancer’s primary motivations are: gaining the contract and then delivering the minimum passable amount of work to get paid. Can you spot what’s missing? He has no motivation to care about code quality, maintainability and technical sustainability of your project. After all, once you approve his work, he can take his hat and move on to chase the next client.

Couldn’t this be avoided by hiring only top rated clients? Well, you would be shocked to know how many of the 5-star reviews on freelancer profiles are there because the client was kind, forced or the freelancer offered a discount in return. 

Unless you hire an additional project/product manager to scrutinize the quality of output, then you might end up paying for software that’s developed with questionable coding practices, inviting all kinds of bugs and security holes into the picture. Now we don’t claim that all freelancers are evil or incompetent. However, your chances of finding the great freelancer without a professional hiring process that can run through hundreds of candidates to find the best match are next to none. 

Building your team

What about an onsite development team? It could be great if you get a highly productive team of developers, right at your office. You could pass them some tasks and get the results you need. If something goes wrong, you can always hold meetings and talk to them face to face. So far everything sounds good. Let’s explore the downsides of this approach, too. 

Who is going to interview your applicants? Can your HR ask highly technical questions and discuss object-oriented programming with your potential developers? What’s more, by law you need to pay social security tax and employment tax on top of having to finance annual leaves and other legal obligations. How effectively will this brand new developer or development team work and will this commitment be worth the burden on your payroll? Oh and let’s not forget the motivation problem still exists. 

You or a manager you hire will have to make sure the developers are producing code that can live up to industry standards, the code they write is maintainable and safe to be used in production. If anything, this is even costlier than the freelancer path, with seemingly no other advantage than having the developers on site, where you can interact with them face to face. 

And software development companies..

It may look quite surprising that though huge improvements in physical production lines or the services that make our life easier, software development services workflow did not improve, companies still use the same approach which is used 20 years ago. Getting a fixed price project, making long meetings, chats, contracts, email communications, Skype calls, and such inefficient classic methods. 

There is a reason people try to avoid software development companies. A software company prices the job based on the client. It searches a victim and when found tries to guess the maximum amount that client can pay, so the client does not pay for better resources, but settles for better marketing.  

How is Codeline different?

It seems that hiring developers is a costly endeavor that will also require an additional manager to oversee the work, scrutinize quality and make sure the product people can convey their ideas to the development team seamlessly. On the other hand, if you are not a technical person, hiring a freelancer is like joining the lottery, where most of the time you end up losing your money and time. Then, what is the solution?

We began by pointing out that Codeline is neither your onsite development team nor is it a yet another freelancing site. Codeline solves the problem we discussed in detail above, by giving you access to a managed development task force. We have hand-picked project managers and senior software developers, who have proven themselves to us. All you need to do is use our embedded project management tool, divide your project into tasks precisely as you would when you create a simple to-do list. Let us do the rest of the work and fill in the gaps. You will be involved as much as you want and need to be. Handoff your requirements and let our competent team build the software you need and deliver it to you through our quality assurance pipeline. Let Codeline focus on development so that you can entirely focus on your product. 

Top Quality Premium Service

1-) Access to expert devforce without employing anyone

Without any commitment, long meetings, contracts or making payment, you can create a task and assign it to any developer from Codeline dev pool and get started.

Do not worry; you will not need to browse their profiles and read reviews and try to decide who is better. All Codeline developers handpicked, tested and managed. They are selected from tens of thousands of applications. They are full-time employees of Codeline who are working on real projects in our platform. 

Even though all developers are also project managers, Codeline still assigns a dedicated project manager for each project who is responsible for the success of the project. 

Quality and Performance is guaranteed by our company.

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2-) Offer your clients all popular tech stack available in the market

It is critical to be able to meet clients requirements in development business because being limited with specific stack range; you may lose the client by causing him to look for the missing stack.

Having access to Codeline developers also means to have access to 200+ most popular and most used tech stack around the market.

From Designers to Html Coders, PHP Experts to Mobile Application Developers, Codeline team is ready to go on-demand, at your fingertips.

Make your life easier with Codeline

We always deliver quality responses, sending bugs and problems makes the clients tired and depletes their motivation. In this way, our agency clients can transfer the completed tasks to their clients without hesitation and testing. 

We use best practices, unit testing, frontend testing, browser stack testings. We have no tolerance for bugs.

Focus on marketing while your tasks are getting done. Increase your sales volume

Let us deal with the dev part in the background. For On-Demand Premium Development Service

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