Top 10 Talents to Look For When Hiring a Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer working

If you have found yourself asking ‘what is a blockchain developer?’ or ‘how do I go about hiring a blockchain programmer?’, you have come to the right place. Knowing how to create a detailed blockchain developer job description and understanding the appropriate blockchain developer skills to interview for is essential for success in hiring the best code creator for your needs. There are some essential talents you should look for when hiring a blockchain developer. Following are the top 10 skills you will want to pay close attention to.

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Deep Understanding of Blockchain Technology

If you want to hire a blockchain developer, the number one skill you must look for is a deep understanding of blockchain technology. It isn’t a basic iOS or Android app developer you are hiring; you want an expert in blockchain technology. Their training and education should be extensive, not just a code creator who took a random ‘how to become a blockchain developer’ course. Investigate and test their knowledge of how blockchain technology works to make sure you are hiring the best blockchain builder for your business.

Concentrated Understanding of Crypto-Economic Protocols and Cryptocurrency Frameworks

The next crucial skill you should look for when you want to hire a blockchain programmer is whether they have a concentrated understanding of crypto-economic protocols and multiple cryptocurrency frameworks. Do they only work on Ethereum projects? Can they create a project based on Bitcoin, Ripple, or EOS? Unless the developer you are hiring for your blockchain task has a deep understanding of and experience working with multiple cryptocurrency frameworks, you might want to think twice about their ability to complete your blockchain job.

Diverse Knowledge of Decentralized Applications

 When you are looking for the blockchain developer training of candidates, check to make sure your code creation interviewees have a diverse knowledge of decentralized applications. Have they previously created decentralized apps for other companies? Do they have cybersecurity training in decentralized data? Understanding the differentiation points in building decentralized projects is critical when learning how to hire the best blockchain developer.

Extensive Understanding of Smart Contracts

Before you even start talking about the blockchain developer salary you are offering, it is imperative the candidates you are interviewing have an extensive understanding of smart contracts. This point is crucial. A blockchain programmer without detailed knowledge of smart contracts is about as useful as a mobile app developer with no knowledge of iOS or Android. Make sure potential blockchain specialists can show you their past work with smart contracts to ensure the developer you hire has the necessary expertise for your task.

Previous Experience with Token and ICO Development

Even if you don’t plan to do an initial coin offering or provide tokens to project investors, your blockchain developer candidates should have experience in ICO development and tokenization. Priorities can change, opportunities can develop, and your blockchain road-map may eventually require these skills. Interview in advance for knowledge of the token space and ICO development and you will be glad you did.

Broad GitHub Portfolio Featuring Multiple Blockchain Projects

Most blockchain developer jobs will require a candidate to have a broad GitHub portfolio featuring multiple blockchain-based projects. Review candidates’ GitHub repositories to ensure they can prove their expertise and not just name-drop the appropriate blockchain buzzwords.

Diverse Development/Code Stack

Unless you are going to offer a blockchain developer tutorial to bring candidates up to speed on your project, you will want to ensure they have a diverse development/code stack already. How many frameworks do they already utilize? How many languages can they code in? Variety isn’t just the spice of life; it is critical when hiring a blockchain developer. Code-creators must have a diverse development background if they want to succeed in the exploding blockchain business sector.

Focused Attention on User Experience Design

One of the other essential skills to look for when hiring a blockchain developer is whether they have a background in experience design. Creating a blockchain project is one thing; making sure it satisfies the preferences of users is quite another. If you can hire a blockchain developer who has experience both in blockchain technology and user experience, you have hit the holy grail of hires.

Appropriate Rate Structure for Your Project

With the above-listed eight skills in place, one of the final elements you should look for when recruiting a developer for your blockchain task is whether they offer a rate structure appropriate to your budget. Not every project has an IBM blockchain budget. If your financial investment in your blockchain project is limited, you will want to ensure the code creators you are interviewing can work with the blockchain developer salary you are offering.

Availability to Complete Your Project On Time

The final talent to look for when hiring a blockchain developer is whether a candidate has room in their schedule to complete your project on time. If you can find a code creator who can deliver your project on time and budget, you may have just found the perfect blockchain developer for your business.


Pay attention to these top 10 talents for blockchain developers, and you will increase your odds of hiring the best builder for your business. Blockchain development is skyrocketing in popularity; you want to ensure you’re making the right choice when hiring a blockchain developer for your brand.

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